AGROSOL and Bio Fertiliser at Durian Plantation in Perak Malaysia

Vegetable farms at Kundasan Mt Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia

After 3th AGROSOL application on padi rice- Day 65

Malaysia- December

2nd AGROSOL application on padi rice

Malaysia- 16th November

1st padi rice AGROSOL trials

Malaysia- 30th October

Oil Palm/ AGROSOL trials

MALAYSIA- Fruit Weight about near 30% more after 5 sprayings of AGROSOL


MALAYSIA- Fruit Weight about 10% more after 2 sprayings of AGROSOL

Greenearth intl. Holdings Sdh.Bhd on the Agroworld exhibition in Malaysia

Salad | Tomatoes | Flowers_ AGROSOL Trials_Malaysia

Ing. Kester CHIN and Mr. Jackson TAN on the fields of Cameron Highlands

Salad | Tomatoes | Flowers_Malaysia

First results of AGROSOL Trials

Different trials in Malaysia

AGROSOL application on very matured palm trees

Agrosol on Paddy in Sabah Malaysia

AGROSOL and RICHFIELD-BIOFERTILISER Application Team in Keningau Sabah

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