4th Indonesia international palm oil conference

Mr Kester Chin, CEO Greenearth Intl. Holdings Sdh Bhd during his presentation on the benefits of AGROSOL on the 4th Indonesia palm oil conference

AGROSOL and RICHFIELD-BIOFERTILISER Application Team in Keningau Sabah

Agrosol on Paddy in Sabah Malaysia

AGROSOL application on very matured palm trees

Different trials in Malaysia

Salad | Tomatoes | Flowers_Malaysia

First results of AGROSOL Trials

Salad | Tomatoes | Flowers_ AGROSOL Trials_Malaysia

Dr. Martin DUQUE, Ing. Kester CHIN and Mr. Jackson TAN on the fields of Cameron Highlands

Greenearth intl. Holdings Sdh.Bhd on the Agroworld exhibition 2014 in Malaysia


MALAYSIA- Fruit Weight about 10% more after 2 sprayings of AGROSOL

Oil Palm/ AGROSOL trials

MALAYSIA- Fruit Weight about near 30% more after 5 sprayings of AGROSOL

1st padi rice AGROSOL trials

Malaysia- 30th October 2014

2nd AGROSOL application on padi rice

Malaysia- 16th November 2014

After 3th AGROSOL application on padi rice- Day 65

Malaysia- December 2014

Vegetable farms at Kundasan Mt Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia

AGROSOL and Bio Fertiliser at Durian Plantation in Perak Malaysia

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