pm-growth international gmbh, Area Manager (Nigeria) Dr. KEN Gadaffi facilitating the exhibition of AGROSOL at the AgrikExpo 2015 at Eko Hotel Convention Center, Lagos, Nigeria

pm-growth international gmbh in collaboration with ONEL Global and AGRONET Nig Ltd presenting AGROSOL at the AgrikExpo 2015

The rate of CO2 in the atmosphere was increased by AGROSOL thus providing a concomitant increase in photosynthesis rate, sugarprotein production and growth of okra this increase in yield

The first pm-growth trip from Dr. Ken-Gabriel GADAFFI to introduce Agrosol to NIGERIA

Nigeria_Corn trials

Free undocumented field tests

Superintendent for Nigeria, Micheal Churchill visited some major farmers in Benin City to introduce AGROSOL the new bio fertilizer

Palm oil

Superintendent Micheal Churchill organized the first trials on tomato plantations in Nigeria

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