High quality WINE from AUSTRIA,
now available in CAMBODIA

The tradition of AUSTRIAN quality wines

Already centuries ago AUSTRIAN wine was exported to diverse countries around the world. With the trade came also the above-average quality consciousness for wine made in AUSTRIA.
The 17th century was not a good time for European wines. Rising customs duties and the consequences of the Thirty Years’ War resulted in the abandonment of many vineyards.
In the 18th century, however, Archduchess Maria Theresa (1717-1780) managed to rebuild viticulture in her EMPIRE. Under the reign of her son Emperor Joseph II, a decree was issued in 1784 that laid the foundation for the success of today’s viticulture in AUSTRIA.
In the last 100 years, the AUSTRIAN winegrowers have managed to create an extremely successful combination of winegrowing tradition and modern processing technology. The result of these efforts was to ensure the extremely high quality of AUSTRIAN wines.
The diversity of the AUSTRIAN wine landscape is reflected in the variety of wine types, from sparkling, light to powerful, monumental white wines, from charming, fruity to full-bodied, long-lasting red wines and last but not least, with sweet wines full of finesse and inner tension, all of which are undisputedly among the best wines in the world.

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